Turn a get together into . . .

Every Cookie is special.

. . . into a themed event or make it a party to remember with a platter of Curiously Cute Cookies. 

I would love to discuss cookie themes and designs with you. Please contact me with your ideas and/or pictures so we can brainstorm on how I can best provide you with the perfect centerpiece experience for your guests. 

Curiously Cute Cookies are all nut free, including the Almond cookie dough. I have obtained the allergy reports from the manufacturer of the extracts used in my cookies and they contain no nut products. Who would have guessed that Almond Extract was Almond free.

Curiously Cute Cookies can come in a variety of cookie dough and icing combinations. The most popular combination is Almond flavored cookie dough with the unflavored icing. 

Cookie Dough Flavors: Almond, Chocolate Brownie, Lemon-Poppy Seed, and Orange Blossom

Icing Flavors: Unflavored, Lemon, Orange, Butter-Vanilla, Vanilla, and Almond.

Please check back because I will be adding new cookie dough and frosting flavors seasonally.

Prices: $2-$4 per cookie depending on cookie flavor, size, and design. Please personal message, call or email for a quote. 

Curiously Cute Cookies make great party favors and can be individually wrapped for an additional $.25 per cookie.

Curiously Cute Cookies can be vacuum sealed and shipped USPS Priority 2-3 Day Mail anywhere in the continental US for roughly an additional $18 for one dozen and $23 for two dozen. But please contact me to establish the precise shipping cost.

You can also purchase your Curiously Cute Cookies using a credit card for an additional $2 per dozen.